How much do I know about AGV battery maintenance?

2021-07-10 08:49


During the outbreak AGV parking time is too long, lithium battery   lead-acid battery pack maintenance   maintenance, there are the following tips.

1, because of the holiday placement time is long, so before the holiday please fill the battery   lithium battery battery,   in advance to drive the car to the charging power nearby. When fully charged, ensure that the key, emergency stop   all other switches.

Is turned off to prevent the battery feed vehicle   functioning properly.

2, vehicle standby area   charging area is recommended to choose indoors, the outdoor environment is harsh   may be too low temperature may cause damage to the battery.

3, after a long time shelved the vehicle if found unable to charge, you can start the vehicle first, no load slow operation for a while (about 15min), both hot car   then to charge.

4, discharged batteries   lithium batteries should be charged in a timely manner, delay time may damage the battery, can   delay up to 24 hours.

5, if the lead-acid battery is   used for a long time, should be charged once a month, each time should be filled, in the battery use   charging process, electrolyte surface will drop, density increased. The fluid should be in.

After the end of battery charging to rest 3h, it is strictly prohibited to add liquid before charging, the added supplement liquid should be pure distilled water, remember   to add sulfuric acid electrolyte in the battery.

6, keep the battery look dry, terminal   terminal has an insulating cover cover. The connection of each of the two battery monomers should be well contacted without loosening.