How to the AGV lithium battery?

2021-07-12 16:49


At present, agv car is a wide variety,   AGV battery options are even more so. Which is the aGV lithium battery selection?

In the past two years, we have worked with many AGV small car customers to summarize the following points, I hope to help you.

At present, the lithium batteries used in AGV cars are mainly: three-way lithium battery   iron phosphate lithium battery. Here is a brief introduction to their differences: relatively speaking, the advantages of the ternary is high single voltage, important light, low temperature,   its disadvantage is short cycle life, poor stability. The monomer is rated at 3.6V   the operating voltage is 3.0V-4.2V, while lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantage of high safety   long cycle life. The disadvantage is the low energy density   the heavy battery weight of the whole group. Its single-body rated voltage is 3.2V   the operating voltage is 2.5V-3.65V.

So when selecting agv batteries, we can determine the battery specification model   the battery's communication protocol, voltage, weight, ambient temperature, safety,   cycle life.

1, communication agreement.

At present, the communication agreement of AGV car battery is mainly: RS485, RS232, CAN.   the BMS module of the battery according to the communication protocol.

2, voltage.

The voltage rating   voltage at the output are considered here to determine the voltage   material of the lithium battery. Wherethe battery's rated voltage should   be lower than the rated voltage of the motor. However, the full battery voltage should   be higher than the voltage of the device. Therefore, it is sometimes seen that the voltage of the agv battery is 12 strings of lithium batteries with a full charge voltage of 50.4V, instead of the commonly used 24V   48V.

3, electricity consumption.

If the electricity consumption is large   high power discharge, such as lithium battery capacity of more than 1.5 degrees electricity, in the weight   size can meet the case, it is recommended to use lithium iron lithium battery, because the safety of use to be considered.

4, discharge power.

If the discharge current is more than 120A, it is also recommended to use lithium iron batteries.

5, the use of the environment.

If operating in high temperatures   in harsh eras, lithium iron phosphate batteries can be used. Three-dollar lithium battery can be used at exceptional low temperatures.

6, manufacturers.

Considering the cost of AGV lithium battery cost, after-sales cost   unexpected conditions in transit, so be sure to choose a professional AGV battery manufacturers to customize. This type of agv battery mainly investigates the battery, BMS template (especially with communication protocol), assembly process. The electric core with genuine electric core, BMS scheme to choose the first-line manufacturers. Assembly process using new energy bus lithium battery, so that earthquake-proof, transportation vertical release   other accidents without problems.